At the end of the road starts the adventure.
For a thousand years in the easternmost part of the island, lies the relict forest of Anaga, the protected area and natural park. Crossing through thousands of curves, deep valleys and archaeological finds, you will rich the fountain of the XVI century of the traditional canary architecture and style of living. Lush vegetation of the laurisilva, highlighting specimens of dragoon trees, vegetable candelabra, prickly pears, as well as live among reptiles such as the popular lizards of the islands. Approach to the sea to visit this small enclave, where no road arrives and can only be reached by foot or by boat. A small hermitage, half a dozen houses and a beach make up a beautiful picture where one breathes peace and serenity. The trail meanders, adapting to the morphology of the terrain and bordering some ravines by its head.
As the guanches said: “ The dreamer sees in dreams.” [the term for CHAMORGA]


  • All-out time: 10 hours
  • A-foot time: 4,5 hours
  • Range: 9 km
  • Max. Altitude: 625 m
  • Ramp Up: 625 m
  • Down: 625 m
  • Challenge: moderate/difficult


  • Guided Tour
  • Car Transfer
  • Outdoor Lunch
  • 1L Water
  • Equipment (Trekking Poles & Backpacks)
  • Certificate
  • Insurance (Public Liability & Accidents)


  • Proper Shoes (Hiking or Sport)
  • Swimsuit (Optional)
  • Photo Cameras (Recommended)
  • Appropriate Weather Clothing
  • Adequate Physical Condition & Good Mood


  • 1 person for 173,- € incl. 7% IGIC
  • 2 people for 219,- € incl. 7% IGIC
  • 3 people for 270,- € incl. 7% IGIC
  • 4 people for 410,- € incl. 7% IGIC
  • 5 people for 455,- € incl. 7% IGIC
  • 6 people for 507,- € incl. 7% IGIC
  • 7 people for 558,- € incl. 7% IGIC
  • and 50% discount for children under 12
  • *For more than 3 tours purchased discounts % will be applied.
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  • *All tours must be booked in advance by contacting us. Use our Contact form.
  • *The PRICE includes details of the column “INCLUDED”, if you have extra wishes and/or needs feel free to discuss it with us.


  • This tour is not recommended for travellers with walking difficulties.
  • We are not responsible for theft or lost of your personal belongings on a tour.
  • We do not mind the extra effort to e-mail or call back or forth to make sure a trip is right for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our services.
  • This is a Private Tour, there will not be other people besides you or/and your group.