Kitesurfing or kiteboarding or kiting is a sport based on movement under the influence of traction force developed by a kite held and controlled by an athlete.

We will be extremely honest, learning kitesurfing in Tenerife in El Medano – it’s difficult but possible.
A surf wave, a small kite beach and sometimes strong winds make elementary education difficult, but at the same time, after passing such a school you become more hardened to severe Conditions. With a willing of learning and a positive mood from you and on our part experience and excellent equipment for training and practice it is more than necessary and also fun.
Training can be done as a complete course and as a separate clock based lessons, depending on the forecast and your preferences. The place determines the teaching method, so we start with the theory, exercises on the shore and after we step on to the exercise on the water. On average, from our experience, at the sixth hour of class, students try or stand on the boards, and then – kitesurfing.

We are also offering training for those who are not novice in this sport: sharp riding on the wind, jumping, the basics of wav-raiding. We’ll tell you about the nuances of the spot, help you set up the equipment and give recommendations.


  • Advanced lessons
  • All necessary equipment


  • Individual: 50,- € / Lesson / 1h.
  • Basic Course: 300,- € / Course / 6h.
  • Group Lesson: 60, – € / 2 pers. / 2h.
  • Basic Group Course: 360, – € / 2 pers. / 6h.
  • Advanced Lesson: 40, – € / 1h.


  • Book in advance by contacting us. Use our Contact form.