SUP or Stand-up Paddling is one of the surfing options where a rider uses a paddle to move on water while standing on a surfboard. Surfing with a paddle has Polynesian roots. In translation from Hawaiian [Ku Hoe He’e Nalu] – stand, paddles, surfing, waves.

One of the differences between modern, classic surfing and paddle surfing is that it can be practiced without waves and without wind. SUP can be practiced on the open sea, on a lake, on a river or on any large pond. One of the advantages of Stand Up Paddle Surfing is the angle of the surfer’s view – standing on the surfboard you can better see what is happening under you in the water, as well as around.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing provides a unique opportunity for training – working with a paddle standing on an unstable surface, makes the body work differently. Picking up the paddle and standing on the board – solve the problem of balance, acquire the necessary skills and reduce the learning time for windsurfing or surfing. Stand up paddle surf allows you to enjoy the usual rowing, like on a raft or canoe.

SUP surfing is a great opportunity to adapt to the board, to use this skills for surfing or windsurfing and also is an excellent fitness training. The bay of El Medano is a great spot for mastering SUP and for entertainment on windless days.


  • Advanced lessons
  • Equipment


  • Individual: 35,- € / Lesson
  • Group Lesson: 25, – € / per pers. / Lesson
  • Renting the SUP equipment: 15, – € / 2h.


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