Individual and group surfing lessons in a safe spot with small waves and a sandy bottom, ideal for training.

Groups are formed based on the level of riding and the age of the students. Classes for children are separate & the “small surfer”, even for a minute does not remain without attention of an experienced instructor of the surfing school. In the learning process, you will learn about different surfboards, tides and currents, about what waves are and what rules should be observed in the ocean. Well, of course, working out a good technique.

We guarantee the high quality and safety of equipment for surfing. In each lesson you will be provided with a soft-coated apprenticeship and a wetsuit, after classes a fresh shower at the station and a cozy chill out for rest. The duration of a standard lesson is 1 hour with an instructor and an hour of independent practice.

In addition, surf lessons are with video analysis – this is the most effective way to learn! While riding the waves, instructor films you on action-cam and after the lesson analyses in detail all of your experience, parse errors and explains how to correct them. After such lessons your surf technique is guaranteed to move to a new level!

Once your skills level begin to progress and you need to move on, we will bring you to other spots on the southern part of the island – Las Americas, El Poris etc.
There is always the opportunity to join our regular surf trips to the north and combine surfing with small trips to different corners of the island of Tenerife.


  • Advanced lessons
  • All necessary equipment


  • Group: 30,-€ / Lesson
  • Individual: 60,- € / Lesson


  • Book in advance by contacting us. Use our Contact form.