Windsurfing – a kind of sailing and water entertainment, based on the mastery of management on the water surface of a light board with a small sail installed on it.

The main spot for windsurfing in Tenerife is El Medano Bay, where we train and teach and where all the main stations and rentals of this sport are concentrated. The direction of the wind to the shore, at an angle from the left to the right in this place provides an easy out to the water, the opportunity to master the jumps on the left tack and the basics of wav-raiding on the right. For windsurfing, in here you will be sure and confident of taking loops, a good start and free maneuvering.

For the more adventurous and waves seekers, upwind is the spot of Cabezo and Muella, at the foot of which are reefs of volcanic lava. They create good waves even in moderate winds. The wind there is almost to the shore. When it inflates up to 50 nodes, and this is not uncommon, the wave height reaches four to five meters. It is convenient on the left tack to learn jumps and on the right, skating on the wall of the wave. The temperature of the air varies from +20 to +26 in winter and +26 to +36 in summer, the water temperature is +19 to +25, the coldest in February and the warmest in February- August.
The mainly used equipment are sails from 4.0 to 5.0 meters, and boards 75 – 95 liters, wave category. In summer, strong winds prevail – 30/40 knots, in autumn – winter – spring averages 20/30 knots. But by the rule rules, as practice shows, there are permanent exceptions.

We can offer the following services for windsurfers: transfer with a board, recruitment – recommendations when choosing a rented equipment, advices on spots and training in advanced lessons (surfing, turning, jumping and the basics of wav-raiding).


  • Advanced lessons


  • Individual: 35,- € / Lesson
  • Group Lesson: 25, – € / per pers. / Lesson
  • Course: 120, – € / per pers. / 4 Lessons
  • Group Course: 80, – € / per pers. / 4 Lessons


  • Boards are not included in the price!
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